CEO Message

First of all, I highly appreciate you for visiting Verkaan website.
As you know, today's world is full of productive, commercial, and economic opportunities. Of course, just for people who are positive and trying hard for the goals which they have.
Leaning, production, innovation, competition, collaboration and interact with foreigners are the main engine of economic growth and prosperity and the most important factor for achieving a sustainable development in any country. Surely you agree with me when I say, After honesty, knowledge is the key step to victory. In today's complex business world, factors such as competition and globalization, market environment instability and effort to gain more market share, has led to activities in the framework of collaboration and consortium.
I believe, with a deep understanding of ethics and attention to changes in the intenational market, there exists enormous capacity and opportunities for creative and innovative Iranians, which can be defined by common interests of the community and customers.

                  Best Regards
                 Chief Executive Officer
                 Dr. Javad Omati​​​​​​​