Export Management

Verkaan Export Management Sector (VEMS) offers commitment to maintaining long-term relationships with producers and consumers and to facilitate foreign trade.
VEMS is ready for long-term contracts in the framework of the following services:
1.   Conducting market research to identify the target market
2.   Determining product quality and quantity requirements of the target market
3.   Identifying and selecting skilled and experienced distributor
4.   Negotiating for acquisition of necessary licenses
5.   Providing after-sales services to the customer
6.   Preparing documents required for export of goods or obtaining intenational tenders
7.   Providing requirements and suggestions for branding and packaging exported products
8.   Determining insurance cost, transportation, and etc.
9.   Advising on pricing of products (goods and services)
10.            Providing warehousing services in the target market
11.            Coordinating transportation
12.            Payments Risk management and obligations of the parties
13.            Advising on contracts