Sales & Marketing

Verkaan Marketing Co. is an intenational company working under Verkaan Group, where it markets transportation fuels and lubricants, and sells petrochemical products in the Caspian Sea region.
It is in wholesale & retail purchase and sale of petrochemical products, natural gas, mining products and metals. Verkaan Marketing is ready, capable and willing to act as a partner or a host company in different areas of petrochemical industry, mining, metals and etc.

We offer services in three sections of:
1 - Marketing
       Our marketing fields are Petrochemical Products, Natural Gas, Mining Products, Metals and Raw Materials. 
2 - Wholesale and Retail
       Our company as a wholesaler & retailer is willing and able to purchase the above mentioned commodities.
3 - Consultation, Hosting & Investment Suggestion
        We are capable and willing to act as a partner or host company to coordinate financial deals in different areas of Refineries, Petrochemical Industry, Fuel Oil, Mining, Metals and etc. 

Foreign investors in Iran may reach us at for any tips and information required.​​​​​​​