In 2010, the Intenational Verkaan Company was founded by an Honorable Korean named Mr. Jung Hong Jun founder of SUNGDONG Shipbuilding, World's No.1 shipyard of mid-sized ships, which is one of the trustable shipyards in South Korea, Mr. Gye Byung Ho, Intenational manager of SUNGDONG and Mr. Javad Omati, post graduated from Pukyong National University, South Korea,

This company was established with the aim of business development, Marketing, Export Management, Marine Services, Ship sale and purchase brokers (S&P), Developing Core Technologies, Financing, Investment , Fuel & Mine marketing and Smart Technology Transfer.
Over the years, Verkaan joined with other companies, each with their own history, strength and character.
By Establihing Specialized departments, Verkaan group is currently registered and active in East Asian & Eurasian countries in the field of marketing, investment, tourism, export management, technology transfer, marine industries, metal & mineral industries and market development. ​​​​​​​